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Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Super Affiliate Program Testimonial

Hey wanted to give a shout-out to the deadbeat super affiliate YouTube channel watchers and especially a shout-out to Dan Brock. This is a short video as a testimony of his deadbeat super affiliate program the reloaded program a testimonial from me and just want to let you know that I’ve been following Dan for many years.  I owned his previous program and built some niche sites and have some income coming from it but I kind of got away from it and will be honest got away from it for a couple years because I was building out another business with my wife where we sell over 2,100 products on her website another twenty one hundred on Amazon as well as selling to a catalog company.

I kind of got away but I’ve been seeing Dan’s YouTube videos come across quite a bit and started watching again and I said you know what I need to go ahead and revisit the niche site building passive income and affiliate marketing. I have a pretty good grasp on it but like anything we get busy and we need to make sure we do the best practices so I bought Dan’s program and took the site that I’ve already make an income from and around August 10th I started building it out by adding more content.

Also, the website needed cleaning it up a little bit and surprisingly enough in the last 21 days I’ve already doubled the sales over the prior month.  Actually the prior month that they were pretty steady months that I had just a steady income and now my sales have doubled almost tripled in revenue as well as just sales as well as the impressions and another thing I noticed is I’m ranking for more keywords. Once you start ranking for more keywords you know you might be 44th on a keyword you can look at that I’m going to rebuild something around that and shortly after that I built one that had a 44th rank and it jumped all the way to 7th within one day.